How an individual can register to be a celebrant?

Marriage celebrants are playing important role in making marriages memorable. Being a wedding celebrant is a pleasure because marriage celebrants add value to society by making clients happy. They complete all the activities before marriage, arrange ceremony and end it perfectly with a lot of memories.

There are many civil marriage wedding celebrants in Melbourne and many others who are taking services from marriage celebrants. Everybody prefers registered celebrants because they are knowledgeable about everything. A registered and professional marriage celebrant helps in completing legal and personal responsibilities. If you want to be a registered celebrant, you have to follow the complete process and education also.

Registration for being registered celebrant

If you want to become a registered celebrant you have to follow a complete procedure and all necessary requirements for it. The whole process is governed by the Attorney-General’s Department. Attorney-General’s Department keeps check and balance on all activities regarding celebrants certification. They will choose the one who can be best in this field.

Complete your education

The first step is the educational component. Anyone applying to become a Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrant must complete a Cert IV in marriage celebrant from a registered training organization. The marriage celebrant units of the course are essential to fulfilling the legal obligations of a marriage celebrant performing a wedding service. You can not apply for celebrant without enough education.

Submit your application

Next step is applying for the celebrant when you have complete education and skills with complete knowledge about marriage. you should apply for marriage celebrant registration. Applicant (the person who is applying for being marriage celebrant) will submit an application to Attorney-General’s office.

Pay your fees and charges

You have to pay fees for registration. The applicant will pay the fee and charges for registration. This amount can be $600, just for registration of the applicant. There are some annual registrations charges that you will pay annually. Usually, $240 for an annual fee is charged every year. This amount is charged every year in July. Fees are mostly Non-refundable.

Online registration

After the application candidate has to fill a questionnaire or online form about marriage act, law and celebrant processes. By this online form/questionnaire, they can observe your knowledge, skills and check your capability. They can judge you can be a marriage celebrant or no. Completion of the questionnaire and submission of all important documents according to requirements Is very important. You have to submit your application and all required documents to the Registrar of Marriage Celebrants. They can ask you for references and sometimes it is necessary to submit references as well.

When the questionnaire/online form is examined, the administration will make the decision, whether they will accept the application or reject it. This process does not end here, even if you are a registered celebrant now, still you have to complete important training and attend courses to be a good marriage celebrant. you are a celebrant if you have complete knowledge and skills about marriage ceremonies.


Marriage Celebrant

Marriage is a special occasion for the ones getting in a relationship. Thus it is important to make sure that the environment, surrounding and the arrangements are perfect as it is a special day for both bide and the groom. Bronte Price is here to ensure that you have got the perfect Marriage Celebrant for your wedding. If you are looking for a Marriage Celebrant across Australia then there is no better option than Bronte Price because they have a huge choice of celebrants available.

We Plan out each and everything about our special day but what if we are able to execute that plan with our Marriage Celebrant and ensure that you have got all the things in right place. Our Marriage Celebrants have been trained so well that they are going to make your marriage ceremony the best ritual of the century. It is so because our Marriage Celebrants always take pride in starting from scratch and creating a unique ceremony for each couple they get a chance to marry. In order to do that, they spend time so that they are able to know the one they will be getting married to so that they can reflect your personalities in a ceremony that “nails” you.

The what’s, why’s and how’s

Since our readers are now well aware about Bronte Price Marriage Celebrant services we are now moving on to some minor details that most of our customers ask on call or on their first visit. It is significant to make sure that you have got the all what’s, why’s and how’s covered so that you do not look dumb.

Why a Marriage Celebrant deliver my ceremony instead of a registrar?

Delivering your marriage ceremony from a registrar is not a bad option but if you need a unique ceremony then it’s better to get a celebrant book with us. It is so because a Celebrant creates a unique ceremony every time as he is sure about the fact that no two ceremonies are the same, just as no two couples are the same.

What are the costs to hire a Marriage Celebrant?

Yes you have to pay for the celebrant but the cost is minimal. Mostly the costs vary according to the area and whether your Celebrant has to travel to your wedding or not. Our Celebrant costs vary from $350- $400.

Will I be legally married if you have got a Marriage Celebrant for the wedding?

Well hiring a Marriage Celebrant doesn’t mean that you have got all the legal aspects covered. For that you are supposed to visit registry office to get all the legal matters sorted out. You would be bound to pay for that bit which might cost a bit around $100-$150.

Does a registrar have to be present at my wedding ceremony?

As discussed above the legal part of your wedding is either done before this wedding ceremony or after the event depending upon couple’s choice