Candle Artist Lucy

These hand-sculptured Wedding Candles are for those who want something special for their Wedding as each candle is an original work of art. Hand-coloured & hand-sculptured your wedding candle can be coloured to match your wedding colours. The candles are finished with a porcelain-like glaze – so their beauty is long lasting. Each is signed under. Created in Lucy’s Candle Art Studio, Sydney, Australia.

Extra-large Centre-candle with Finial side-candles – Gold & Silver- Wedding Unity Set

The Traditional Wedding Unity Set consists of three candles. The Centre-piece Candle, with two matching side-candles representing the Bride’s family, and the Groom’s family. These side-candles are lit by the family members, then, together, the Bride and Groom complete the Unity by transferring the light from their side-candles to the Candle.  A pair of Unity-Tapers are included for this, together with re-placeable tea-light candles, so the Wedding Unity Candle Set can celebrate the wedding for years.

Wedding Candle Unity Sets can be made to match any of the large candles.


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