How an individual can register to be a celebrant?

Marriage celebrants are playing important role in making marriages memorable. Being a wedding celebrant is a pleasure because marriage celebrants add value to society by making clients happy. They complete all the activities before marriage, arrange ceremony and end it perfectly with a lot of memories.

There are many civil marriage wedding celebrants in Melbourne and many others who are taking services from marriage celebrants. Everybody prefers registered celebrants because they are knowledgeable about everything. A registered and professional marriage celebrant helps in completing legal and personal responsibilities. If you want to be a registered celebrant, you have to follow the complete process and education also.

Registration for being registered celebrant

If you want to become a registered celebrant you have to follow a complete procedure and all necessary requirements for it. The whole process is governed by the Attorney-General’s Department. Attorney-General’s Department keeps check and balance on all activities regarding celebrants certification. They will choose the one who can be best in this field.

Complete your education

The first step is the educational component. Anyone applying to become a Commonwealth-registered marriage celebrant must complete a Cert IV in marriage celebrant from a registered training organization. The marriage celebrant units of the course are essential to fulfilling the legal obligations of a marriage celebrant performing a wedding service. You can not apply for celebrant without enough education.

Submit your application

Next step is applying for the celebrant when you have complete education and skills with complete knowledge about marriage. you should apply for marriage celebrant registration. Applicant (the person who is applying for being marriage celebrant) will submit an application to Attorney-General’s office.

Pay your fees and charges

You have to pay fees for registration. The applicant will pay the fee and charges for registration. This amount can be $600, just for registration of the applicant. There are some annual registrations charges that you will pay annually. Usually, $240 for an annual fee is charged every year. This amount is charged every year in July. Fees are mostly Non-refundable.

Online registration

After the application candidate has to fill a questionnaire or online form about marriage act, law and celebrant processes. By this online form/questionnaire, they can observe your knowledge, skills and check your capability. They can judge you can be a marriage celebrant or no. Completion of the questionnaire and submission of all important documents according to requirements Is very important. You have to submit your application and all required documents to the Registrar of Marriage Celebrants. They can ask you for references and sometimes it is necessary to submit references as well.

When the questionnaire/online form is examined, the administration will make the decision, whether they will accept the application or reject it. This process does not end here, even if you are a registered celebrant now, still you have to complete important training and attend courses to be a good marriage celebrant. you are a celebrant if you have complete knowledge and skills about marriage ceremonies.


Marriage Celebrant

Marriage is a special occasion for the ones getting in a relationship. Thus it is important to make sure that the environment, surrounding and the arrangements are perfect as it is a special day for both bide and the groom. Bronte Price is here to ensure that you have got the perfect Marriage Celebrant for your wedding. If you are looking for a Marriage Celebrant across Australia then there is no better option than Bronte Price because they have a huge choice of celebrants available.

We Plan out each and everything about our special day but what if we are able to execute that plan with our Marriage Celebrant and ensure that you have got all the things in right place. Our Marriage Celebrants have been trained so well that they are going to make your marriage ceremony the best ritual of the century. It is so because our Marriage Celebrants always take pride in starting from scratch and creating a unique ceremony for each couple they get a chance to marry. In order to do that, they spend time so that they are able to know the one they will be getting married to so that they can reflect your personalities in a ceremony that “nails” you.

The what’s, why’s and how’s

Since our readers are now well aware about Bronte Price Marriage Celebrant services we are now moving on to some minor details that most of our customers ask on call or on their first visit. It is significant to make sure that you have got the all what’s, why’s and how’s covered so that you do not look dumb.

Why a Marriage Celebrant deliver my ceremony instead of a registrar?

Delivering your marriage ceremony from a registrar is not a bad option but if you need a unique ceremony then it’s better to get a celebrant book with us. It is so because a Celebrant creates a unique ceremony every time as he is sure about the fact that no two ceremonies are the same, just as no two couples are the same.

What are the costs to hire a Marriage Celebrant?

Yes you have to pay for the celebrant but the cost is minimal. Mostly the costs vary according to the area and whether your Celebrant has to travel to your wedding or not. Our Celebrant costs vary from $350- $400.

Will I be legally married if you have got a Marriage Celebrant for the wedding?

Well hiring a Marriage Celebrant doesn’t mean that you have got all the legal aspects covered. For that you are supposed to visit registry office to get all the legal matters sorted out. You would be bound to pay for that bit which might cost a bit around $100-$150.

Does a registrar have to be present at my wedding ceremony?

As discussed above the legal part of your wedding is either done before this wedding ceremony or after the event depending upon couple’s choice


A Unique Venue At The University

THE University Conference and Function Centre has been coordinating wedding receptions for over 20 years.

The University boasts two unique venues to cater for numbers ranging from 50 to 550 people.

Their well-landscaped, picturesque surroundings and grounds make the ideal backdrop for those outdoor wedding photos or ceremony.

The Function Centre (up to 180) and the University Hall (up to 550) are two very different venues to cater for your very specific needs and requirements.

They are also one of the preferred caterers for the North Wollongong Surf Club and offer very affordable and comprehensive packages.

Elena Di Stefano, Functions Manager and Vanessa Arntzen, Wedding Coordinator, have over 20 years of experience and knowledge between the two of them in organising and planning wedding ceremonies and receptions.

“Our wedding packages, commencing from $78.00 per head, are inclusive of food and beverage packages, entertainment, Master of Ceremonies, floral decorations, wedding cake, special themes and enhancements, limousine transfers and more.

“We treat each bride and groom as individuals with unique requirements and we have been commended on our flexibility and willingness to accommodate any request.

The day is important not just for the bride and groom but for the family and friends who attend to celebrate this exciting occasion.”


Candle Artist Lucy

These hand-sculptured Wedding Candles are for those who want something special for their Wedding as each candle is an original work of art. Hand-coloured & hand-sculptured your wedding candle can be coloured to match your wedding colours. The candles are finished with a porcelain-like glaze – so their beauty is long lasting. Each is signed under. Created in Lucy’s Candle Art Studio, Sydney, Australia.

Extra-large Centre-candle with Finial side-candles – Gold & Silver- Wedding Unity Set

The Traditional Wedding Unity Set consists of three candles. The Centre-piece Candle, with two matching side-candles representing the Bride’s family, and the Groom’s family. These side-candles are lit by the family members, then, together, the Bride and Groom complete the Unity by transferring the light from their side-candles to the Candle.  A pair of Unity-Tapers are included for this, together with re-placeable tea-light candles, so the Wedding Unity Candle Set can celebrate the wedding for years.

Wedding Candle Unity Sets can be made to match any of the large candles.


You Must Ask These Questions to Your Marriage Celebrant

The wedding is the memorable moment of your life. All things that go on that day are always remembered and these memories get deep into your head like your ‘own’ personal memory. None of us wants to have a wedding with any mishap. That’s the reason why people consult professionals in order to get rid of any type of mishap.

Marriage celebrants know which thing is important and which is not. They know how to place things in their place and they also know how to manage each and everything professionally. Consulting a marriage celebrant isn’t a bad thing at all but most of the professionals recommend to hire professional marriage celebrants to avoid any type of mishap on your wedding ceremony.

So, how you can say that this celebrant is professional? Well, you can ask questions to them in different ways. If your marriage celebrants answer your questions professionally, then your job is done!

Now, you’ll think which type of questions I should ask to them? Don’t worry! We are here to let you know some of the most common but important questions that you must ask your marriage celebrant before hiring them. So, let’s get started with the first question!

1  Can I have a look at my wedding planning when it’s completed? If yes, when?

You should have a look at your final wedding planning before your wedding ceremony because it is possible that you may not like something and want to remove it. So, you will surely have time to do so. Or if you want to add any type of suggestion, you can also do that before time. You must be fully satisfied before your wedding ceremony about the planning. So, you must ask a question that when I will be able to see the final setup.

2   Will you help me in all that Registry Work?

If you want to take your husband’s surname, you can ask your marriage celebrants if they can help with something because sometimes, it becomes difficult to manage this paperwork. Many of the marriage celebrants offer such service and they surely help you with all those essential paperwork as well including your husband’s surname, writing something meaningful in vows, and things like that.

3  What type of PA system do you use?

It must be wireless! The reason is that too many wires can make your wedding event look more messed up. Public Address System of your marriage celebrant must be flexible and modern because it depends on a lot.

4  What if any accident happens? If the groom or bride gets ill and doesn’t come on a wedding in time? Do you have any kind of backup?

This question is very important and essential to ask because you must know each and everything that might happen and you must also know their consequences as well. Get their views and things that they’ll do in such situation.

These were some essential questions that you must ask your marriage celebrant before hiring any type of service to make your wedding more satisfying and durable.


Other Services by Chris Humphreys

Our Marriage celebrants offer a lot of other services for our customers as well. Our Marriage celebrants are leading the market when it comes to wedding ceremonies but it’s our dedication and hard work that has helped us to expand our services. Here we will be discussing about some of our other services that have got popularity due to our excessive hard work and dedication.

Commitment Ceremonies

On the top of our list is commitment ceremonies. Chris Humphreys has been working in Australia for quite a while now thus we are well aware of the requirements of a wedding ceremony. Most of the people prefer going through a commitment ceremony before a marriage ceremony. They feel that it is important to have his ceremony because it will help them to affirm their love and commitment without the legalities of a wedding ceremony. It is among one of the most popular ceremonies that are being held in Melbourne.

So if you are interested in having a Commitment ceremony before a proper marriage ceremony then do not hesitate to contact us as our marriage celebrants are here to serve you. Just drop your details on our website or call us through the details given and get your commitment ceremony booked.

Same sex commitment ceremonies

Your commitment is important to us because we know how significant this moment is in your life. Our Marriage celebrants expand our services all across Australia so do not hesitate to call us and get your commitment ceremony booked right away. Chris Humphreys would provide you the platform to create a commitment ceremony that reflects the style you would desire to have. Furthermore Our Marriage celebrants ensure that the commitment ceremony designed by us is elegant, informal, vintage, contemporary, flamboyant and custom themed so that not only you but those who attend your commitment ceremony also remember the ritual for long.

Renewal of Vows Ceremonies

Our Marriage celebrants have made numerous ceremonies successful because of our dedication and commitment towards work. Our Marriage celebrants have the honor of arranging renewal of vows ceremony for our customers. It is a ceremony that is meant for a couple that wishes to signal their renewed commitment to each other. It doesn’t matter whether it is a wedding anniversary or a special birthday surprise our marriage celebrants can make it special with our exceptional ideas.

Naming Ceremony

Here is another amazing ceremony that our marriage celebrants arrange to honor a birth. Our Marriage celebrants will create and deliver a unique ceremony for you and your baby, to welcome them into the world and tell the story about their name as name is an integral part of them and their personality throughout their entire life.

Funeral and Memorial Ceremonies

Our celebrants have vast experience of arranging funeral and memorial ceremonies. We can arrange a special Funeral and Memorial Ceremonies for your loved ones who have left the world because we know that they still live in your heart.